Drug Addiction: A Misunderstood Chemical Romance

5 min read

We've all seen the word "addiction" everywhere, from spokespeople coming into your schools to talk about the "dangers of drug addiction" to your parents constantly telling you that "drugs will fry your brain". It's a universal fear, nobody wants their kid, friend, or other loved ones falling into the depths of drug addiction. But no matter how much everyone knows the topic, it also appears as they know nothing of it, or how and why it's caused. All they know is "all drugs are addictive, and as such, all those who try them end up shooting fentanyl in McDonald's bathrooms", and as such, they end up spreading that fear and misinformation to their friends, and offspring without ever understanding or questioning the reason.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus): How to keep drug use safe during the pandemic

6 min read

COVID-19 (Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2) has quickly become the world's latest pandemic, with cases sweeping the globe at exponential rates and causing mass panic. With over 304,086 cases worldwide, and over 12,989 deaths as of 3/21/2020, the virus has been sweeping fear and uncertainty to many. While the virus itself isn't as lethal compared to more common ones like the Flu; COVID-19 is extremely infectious, it can be transmitted easily from person to person without being aware of having it. Not only does the virus have an incubation period of 5 to 11 days, but in some cases, the symptoms can be very mild to the point where someone might dismiss it as having a cold; thus, spreading it unintentionally.