Chemical Name:


Street Names:

Benzedrex, Obesin, PPX


Unknown (HCl salt extraction increases potency)





Propylhexedrine Dosage




15 - 30 mg

30 - 125 mg

125 - 250 mg




250 - 375 mg

375+ mg



Don't eat the Benzedrex cotton!!!! Also, Benzedrex is more adrenergic than most stims so extra caution in dosage must be taken. As usual, remember: Always start on lower dosages! Differences in metabolism, tolerance, sensitivity, and neurochemistry can lead to higher than expected effects, and even death.

Propylhexedrine Duration


Come up


10 - 30 Minutes

20 - 60 Minutes

1.5 - 4 Hours


After effects


1 - 2.5 Hours

4 - 12 Hours

3 - 8 Hours


This substance interacts with:



Tricyclic antidepressants


These interactions may lead to an unpleasant experiences due to substances potentiating each other unpredictably, and/or may be potentially fatal.


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Propylhexedrine, known also as Benzedrex, PPX, and Obesin, is a stimulant substance of the amphetamine class. The substance has remained relatively obscure for recreational purposes, with a small group of users likely knowing of its existence spanning back to the early 1950s[1], around 2 decades before amphetamine was placed into Schedule II and all amphetamine-containing Benzedrine inhalers were replaced with Benzedrex inhalers containing PPX. Use likely existed since then, but has remained relatively rare for most of its history, though it is increasing in publicity gradually as there is now a subreddit for the drug[2]. It is described by many to be similar to much shorter acting, more tweaky methamphetamine with more serotonin release than methamphetamine, but less than MDMA. Propylhexedrine presents a particular concern when it comes to its more adrenergic & peripherally stimulating nature. Because of this, extra caution should be taken when increasing dosages. It is also another drug with some controversy, with many claiming to only recieve nausea and an unpleasant experience, while others claim it is even better than meth, and many people have opinions within that range.

In summary, another amphetamine which is OTC in some places & is considered somewhat of a crossover between methamphetamine and MDMA. Relatively controversial, some people say its the best stimulant, others are confused why anyone would do it.

Harm Reduction

The main four points of safety more particular to using Benzedrex instead of other amphetamines are as follows:

  • Firstly, if your method of injestion is a Benzedrex inhaler, consuming the Benzedrex cotton can lead to many issues such as GI tract damage and is strongly advised against. The pH of a Benzedrex cotton is very basic, and injesting very basic solutions can be toxic.
  • Secondly, do not inject it intravenously because of damage to the brainstem for reasons unknown. In terms of other routes of administration: orally is by far the safest route, insufflation of a pure powder is more risky but if caution is taken can be dosed safely, and vaporization hasn't proven itself to be dangerous but experimenting with this is generally unadvised as there is not much information on the matter as of yet.
  • Thirdly, treat dosage jumps with PPX much more carefully than you would other substances. For your first dosage, it is recommended to start at 1/4 of a cotton (62.5mg PPX) to 1/2 of a cotton. (125mg PPX) Start with a low dose like 10-20mg for an HCl extraction (and for every extraction to test for potency) & increase dosage in small increments as you become moore experienced. From analyzing your reaction to the lower start dose, you can gague how you react after about an hour or two has passed, and increase dosages in increments of no more than 1/2 a cotton at maximum, or preferably 1/4 of a cotton. If it is your first time, some individuals have noted a distinctly delayed onset, so be more hesitant to redose in that situation. In general, Although PPX can be relatively benign and just carry the harms of other amphetamines if used with caution, the heart rate increase & blood pressure increase can be particularly intense in some individuals so that is why care must be taken here.
  • Finally, mixing with other serotonergic drugs, including SSRIs, DXM, MDMA, MDA, Tramadol, and many other serotonergic drugs is generally not advised due to risk for Serotonin Syndrome. There is not thorough evidence to support this with some users combining with no negative results, but it is best to lean on the side of caution and avoid the combo if possible.

Otherwise, general principles of harm reduction that apply to stimulants, such as:

  • Do not engage in excessive physical exertion. This can make it more probable for an adverse reaction like a heart attack.
  • Plan out your dosages beforehand, and don't redose too many times to avoid increasing strain on body & risk of stimulant psychosis.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, fed, and maintain hygeine. Eating can be difficult on the peak, but preparing an easy to chew small snack can go a long way.
  • If possible, supplement yourself with supplements such as L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and Melatonin for sleep just to name a few.
  • If you're certain that something is not right and show symptoms of an overdose, call for help immediately. Better to be safe than sorry as a general principle.
  • Try to limit use as much as possible, once a month is the most you should be doing PPX in particular.

In summary, don't eat the cotton, don't inject propylhexedrine, start at 62.5-125mg (1/4 to 1/2 a cotton) and increase dosages in increments of no more than 1/2 a cotton, preferably 1/4 of a cotton, mixing with serotonergic drugs like antidepressants, DXM, MDMA, Tramadol, and others can be very dangerous.

Super Basic Extraction

The most common means of extracting Benzedrex is by means of lemon juice, carbonated soda (preferably coca-cola or a lower pH one with phosphoric acid), and the propylhexedrine reacts with the citric acid to create propylhexedrine citrate. Extraction is extremely important because of the risks associated with eating a Benzedrex cotton. There are more advanced extractions covering how to create a HCl salt[3] however the super basic technique that anyone can learn goes like this:

  1. Get the Benzedrex inhaler(s) used for extraction, as well as the lemon juice or other acidic soft drink. (preferably a soft drink with either phosphoric acid like coca-cola, or citric acid like mountain dew)
  2. Unpackage then proceed to unscrew the lid, opening the inhaler.
  3. Play with the knob inside the Benzedrex inhaler and wiggle it back and forth until you can manage getting it out. It may take a minute at first, but it gets easier over time.
  4. After getting the knob out, the propylhexedrine-containing cotton is right there waiting for you.
  5. Tear the cotton apart into smaller pieces, preferably at least fourths. This will make the reaction take place faster.
  6. Get some lemon juice or other acidic beverage. I would recommend lemon juice because people have the most experience with it. Aim for about 2 fl oz (~60mL) of it in an airtight container per cotton (a sealable jar or gatorade bottle could work for airtight container), though the more diluted the less intense the taste will be, but the longer you'll have to endure it. How much of the drink you pour in is sort of up to you, but as a bare minimum include 2 fl oz per cotton.
  7. [OPTIONAL] Anecdotal evidence suggests adding citric acid if you have access to it, stating that it increases rate of reaction. This would make sense given that citric acid is the main thing making lemon juice acidic & lemon juice being the drink of choice.
  8. After having poured this acidic beverage into an airtight solution you can now drop the pieces of cotton into the solution, and seal it up tightly.
  9. [OPTIONAL] After having put this in, you can shake the solution to increase the reaction rate marginally. The more vigorous the shake, the better the results. This is also anecdotal.
  10. Wait for anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. There are many people who say that shaking it and waiting 2-4 hours is barely less potent than waiting the full 24, but others beg to differ. For your first time, a longer extraction of 12 hours is typically recommended, but if you get impatient you can determine if the 24 hours is really necessary for you. Past a certain point, the solution becomes no more potent, so extracting for longer than 24 hours is redundant.
  11. [OPTIONAL] Leave the solution unsealed for around 1 to 3 hours to reduce the lavender taste. Anecdotal like all the optional evidence pieces, but worth a try if you're willing to wait.
  12. Injest & enjoy!

In summary, get a small container of lemon juice, get the cotton out of the inhaler splitting it into smaller pieces, leave it in there for at least 8 hours in a jar/gatorade bottle, shake it from time to time, drink the solution.


The supplements to assist with propylhexedrine are pretty much the standard ones for any stimulant.

  • L-Tyrosine :: This amino acid is a necessary, albeit indirect, precursor for bodily dopamine and norepinephrine production. Both of these neurotransmitters are depleted by amphetamine usage, and depletion of L-Tyrosine & its precursor L-Phenylalanine stunts the release of dopamine by amphetamine(s).
  • L-Theanine :: This amino acid can decrease anxiety & other negative effects.
  • L-Phenylalanine :: This amino acid is a precursor to L-Tyrosine, and while it's an indirect precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine as well, certain rate-limiting factors make it less effective than L-Tyrosine.
  • Melatonin :: Has been shown to scavenge free radicals, and promotes enzymes which do the same, resulting in antioxidant effects. It's recommended to take this supplement close to the time which you plan to sleep.
  • Antacids :: Antacids have been proven to aid in the absorption and extend the duration of amphetamine(s). It's recommended to take them 15 - 45 minutes before ingesting propylhexedrine, as absorption of PPX is somewhat pH-dependent. Acidic environments impede the speed and extent of absorption. Lower/acidic pH in the urinary tract will also speed up the excretion of PPX. Basic antacids have been proven to slightly raise the urinary pH, potentially extending the duration. Chewable antacids containing calcium carbonate (i.e. Tums) or similar are most effective. Baking soda is sometimes used, but comes at greater risk of harm than typical antacids due to heavy sodium intake.
  • Vasodilator - A vasodilator could come in handy for decreasing vasoconstriction caused by PPX. Some popular ones include alcohol, THC. When you mix with a vasodilator that's also prominently psychoactive, be mindful of dosages and use low amounts when combining.

In summary, l-tyrosine, l-theanine, l-phenylalanine, melatonin (to sleep), antacids, vasodilators can be helpful just be careful.

Addiction Potential

There have been a number of cases of addiction to this substance. It's less addictive than more classical amphetamines since not everyone reacts in the same way, but those who react positively can find the experience just as if not more positive (and therefore potentially addictive) than more classical amphetamines.

Care should be taken to ensure use does not impede on one's ability to function, preferably stick to no more than once per month to have minimal or no harm, but absolutely do not use more than once per week.

Propylhexedrine's withdrawl is similar to amphetamine's withdrawl, decreasing motivation significantly, making one fatigued, increasing appetite, causing mild to extreme depression & anxiety, inability to enjoy sober life, cravings that can be really strong, and other such symptoms. Its duration is proportionate to duration of use & how much used. It can range from mild and only lasting a few days, to brutal and lasting for months or even years with cravings intermittently being present.

In summary, the people who don't like the drug are very unlikely to get addicted, but those who react well to it would have a decent risk of addiction, withdrawl causes particularly brutal depression, cravings, and other symptoms, and can last for weeks or even months.


The effects of propylhexedrine are comparable to but distinct in some ways from those of other amphetamines.

They include but are not limited to the following:


  • Stimulation :: The stimulation found in propylhexedrine is usually considered more recreational than productive. It can certainly still be used productively, primarily at lower dosages, but this stimulant shines more in its recreational side. It is particularly intense compared to other stimulants.
  • Euphoria :: The euphoria of PPX can become extremely intense at higher dosages.
  • Body High :: The body high of PPX can be particularly intense, and feel like a nice warm feeling throughout your body. Particular to PPX, a number of users report scalp feeling particularly good.
  • Anxiety Suppression :: This is mostly found at the peak and often found alongside confidence enhancement.
  • Motivation Enhancement :: Enhances desire to complete tasks, though the tasks completed on this substance tend to be less productive than other stimulants.
  • Confidence Enhancement :: PPX can increase confidence alongside suppressing anxiety, making one have an artificially high sense of self they wouldn't otherwise have.
  • Focus Enhancement :: Typically found at lower dosages, but higher dosages impair this ability.
  • Increased Socialization :: Propylhexedrine can increase desire to socialize with others, and is more likely to do so than more productive stimulants like amphetamine or methylphenidate. PPX can induce feelings of closeness & openness with others, with some even comparing it to an entactogen like MDMA. Others don't get this very intensely however, it depends on the person.
  • Increased Media Appreciation - PPX can increase your appreciation for the media you interact with, be it music or art. A song will sound better, a painting will seem finer.
  • Increased Libido & Orgasm Enhancement :: Propylhexedrine is a potent aphrodisiac and can increase libido & quality of orgasm intensely. However, the experience can be unenjoyable to some due to the very vasoconstricting nature of PPX.
  • Increased Thought Speed - PPX can increase the rate at which you generate ideas & think about things. This can be overwhelming, particularly in excessive dosages, but can also be enjoyable.
  • Increased Talking Speed - PPX can cause one to talk faster than they usually do without realizing it, this coincides with a faster perception of time and faster rate of thinking.
  • Time Constriction - PPX can cause 10 minutes to feel like 2 minutes; it can significantly speed up your perception of time proportionate to dosage.
  • Appetite Suppression - PPX can suppress appetite, an effect typical to stimulants.


  • Anxiety :: The anxiety from propylhexedrine is typically most intense on the comedown and present mainly in high dosages. It can be more intense than a lot of other stimulants due to it being more potent at adrenergic receptors than most stimulants.
  • Dry Mouth :: This can be amplified by talking a bunch under the influence and mitigated by drinking water.
  • Nausea :: Can occur in some individuals, particularly after consuming a solution extracted from cotton. The taste of the solution is often considered nasty, so the user may have an urge to vomit. This usually subsides before the peak.
  • Overstimulation :: Propylhexedrine can sometimes lead to uncomfortable jittering and shaking, particularly at high dosages. It is more adrenergic than most stimulants, so this can even happen at more common dosages.
  • Increased Blood Pressure :: PPX increases blood pressure more than most other stimulants. This is why increasing dosages slowly is very important, since some people can be sensitive to this and enter a hypertensive crisis.
  • Increased Heart Rate :: PPX increases heart rate more than most other stimulants. Just like the blood pressure, this is why you should pace yourself with PPX. This can sometimes lead to anxiety.
  • Increased Perspiration :: PPX can quickly cause you to smell bad like many other stimulants. Taking care of yourself and showering combats this with PPX and other stimulants.
  • Psychosis :: This is particularly rare and typically only occurs when one consistently redoses and becomes sleep deprived or takes extreme dosages.


Tolerance to PPX & other stimulants can build around as quickly as other amphetamines, and is cross-tolerant with other dopaminergic stimulants such as amphetamines. In general, the rule of thumb is 2 weeks for tolerance to mostly be back to baseline, but in chronic or heavy users, it may take months or even years. Many users report that with amphetamines in general the first dozen times are going to be the best, and returning to that feeling will be nearly if not entirely impossible. However, taking breaks of at least a month in between usage is advised to maintain the effects and maintain health. Tolerance usually builds quickly to amphetamines and this applies to propylhexedrine as well, though everyone reacts differently to this tolerance build.

Despite tolerance being built up, it is important to be extremely careful with your dosing and acknowledge that with heroic dosages it is possible to overdose from miscalculating tolerance, even at times where the tolerance has proven itself to be very high.


Overdose of PPX can lead to many negative effects such as stimulant psychosis, brain damage, coma, heart attack, hypertensive crisis, or even death. Although no cases of fatality purely due to PPX have been confirmed, there have been cases of people overdosing in a non-fatal way and having a hypertensive crisis. There have been fatalities associated with mixing PPX and other drugs, however. Despite lack of information on the matter, extreme caution should be taken to avoid this.

[ A little more information & many more citations are needed, but the page is mostly complete. ]

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